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3 Reasons to apply for the Wolverhampton Taxi Badge

3 Reasons to apply for the Wolverhampton Taxi Badge

There is a lot of controversies regarding the Wolverhampton Taxi badge. It is one of the simplest processes.

Reason to Apply for the Wolverhampton Taxi Badge

Simply Medicals explains the reasons why you should apply for the Wolverhampton Taxi Badge.

1. There is no need for a formal English Certificate

Many Private hire and taxi drivers will be fluent in English but not necessarily have a certificate to prove this. The council has had a good way of testing whether or not you are fluent. That is through SPEAKING TO YOU. If you are unable to speak English fluently, they will not allow you to sit the course for taxi driver training.

2. You Can Drive Anywhere in the Country

Drivers from all over the country come to do the Wolverhampton Taxi exam. This is needed in order to get the Wolverhampton Taxi badge. The Express and star article shows you how many non West Midlands drivers were present.

Wolverhampton Council still advises that drivers should limit their driving outside the Wolverhampton area for hire and reward. However, at present, there is no law to stop drivers from operating outside the city.

Due to a new change in the law, drivers are technically allowed to drive anywhere in the country. This is due to the deregulation act of 2015.

There are, however, a lot of councils opposing this change.

3. The Process Is Easy, Quick, and Robust

Wolverhampton council taxi badge application is still one of the quickest. Despite their increase in applications due to the deregulation act of 2015, they are way quicker at processing applications compared to other councils.

Many Birmingham drivers apply for the Wolverhampton badge simply due to this reason.

There is a simple 4 step process outlined in this blog.

You can also pay extra and apply for the express service.

Ultimately, It all starts with your Taxi Medical.

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