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Cancellation Policy and Disclaimer

Cancellation Policy and Disclaimer

The information provided below is essential for all medicals.

Please read carefully as failure to comply may lead to delays in your medical.

What you need to bring for your medical.

  1. Your medical form (We normally have spare in the office) – Subject to availability
  2. Photo ID (Driver’s licence or passport)
  3. The glasses or contact lenses you use when driving
  4. Your current eyesight prescription (if glasses worn)
  5. Current Medication and doses – Either the medication or your repeat prescription
  6. Details about any medication you are taking Information on any ongoing medical conditions you may have

Council Specific requirements for Taxi Medicals

Extra Identification

There are certain council specific requirements where you need to bring a second proof of ID (Utility bill or bank statement). These councils include – Wolverhampton, Solihull and Dudley Council.

Medical Records

For some councils it is mandatory for you to provide your Full GP Summary, these include:

  1. Transport for London
  2. Walsall Council
  3. Worcester Council
  4. Wychavon Council
  5. Wyre Forest Council

This can easily be obtained from your GP via reception without a fee. Complete online access is an alternative, however just the NHS app is not sufficient.

Specific Medical requirements for certain conditions

Ischaemic Heart Disease / Heart attacks /  angina / Stents / Coronary bypass surgery

In the event that you suffer from any of the above you will need to undertake a 3 yearly exercise tolerance test. This is a treadmill test done by a cardiologist. For HGV / PCV drivers the DVLA will pay for this. However, for Taxi drivers there is an extra surcharge of around £300 for this. Simply Medicals does not provide this service at present.



If you are using insulin to control your diabetes. You need to be checking your blood sugars twice daily (even when not driving) and every 2 hours when driving. You need to bring proof of this when you come to your appointment. You must also be under the care of a diabetes consultant doctor.

Certain medication

If you are taking Gliclazide or glimepiride then you must monitor your blood sugars as above also.

If you are taking metformin, a gliptin or a medication ending in gliflozin then you do not need to monitor your blood sugars by law.

High Blood pressure

If you are taking tablets to control your blood pressure. Please bring the last 3 readings from home from different dates with you.

Our re-test policy

We recognize that there can be unexpected situations which can lead to failure at a medical. The doctor will advise if this can be fixed and how to best go about this. In this situation Simply medicals will offer you a free re-test, once the issue is sorted. This needs to be booked within 30 days of the initial medical. Re-tests after this time will incur a surcharge of another assessment.

This does not include new forms being done due to misplacement or defacement of forms.

Cancellation policy

You are able to amend/ cancel your booking. This can be done online through the Calendly link provided to your email. Alternatively you can whatsapp or email us to let us know.  A minimum 24 HOURS NOTICE is needed. If the notice period is less than 24 hours we cannot issue a refund for the fee of the appointment.

It must be noted that online cancellations do not automatically issue a refund. You need to whatsapp message us to let us know so we can ensure the refund is issued.