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D4 Medical

D4 medical

Book your D4 driver medical today from just £49.99. We have centres located in Willenhall, West Brom, Birmingham and Droitwich.

Drive a minibus, coach, bus, ambulance or any other passenger-carrying vehicle?

Drive a minibus, coach, bus, When the time for your D4 medical comes around, whether you’re looking to obtain your licence for the first time or you simply need to renew it, contact Simply Medicals. You will find our service to be cheap, prompt and extremely convenient – no lengthy waits or expensive doctors’ and opticians’ fees. The assessment will be carried out by an experienced and GMC-registered doctor at one of our four locations, and you’ll have your licence in no time (provided you meet the necessary criteria).mbulance or any other passenger-carrying vehicle?

d4 medicals

Ambulance driver medicals

Enrolling on a paramedics’ course at university? You may require a provisional C1 licence to be accepted. ​ Whether it’s your first time or you need your licence renewing, Fill in our online form with Simply Medicals to book your ambulance-driver medical today.

What the D4 medicals can be used for?

  • Bus driver medicals
  • Coach driver medicals
  • Minibus driver medicals
  • Ambulance driver medicals
  • Taxi driver medicals
  • HGV medicals

The assessment will involve a blood-pressure check, an eyesight test, an assessment of any ongoing medical conditions, and details taken of any medication you are taking.

D4 Medical​


Most frequent questions and answers

At Simply Medicals, we offer HGV medicals at several locations across the West Midlands. We have offices in West BromwichWillenhallGarretts Green and Droitwich.

The D4 Medical is a medical assessment where a doctor will fill out a D4 form. This is done to assess fitness to drive for HGV, LGV, PCV and Ambulance drivers.

The D4 Medical can be done by your GP, this is usually very expensive (>£100). If you see a full GMC registered doctor like at Simply Medicals, you can pay only £49.99.

The standard protocol for the D4 Medical is your initial medical. The next one is at the age of 45, it is then every 5 years until the age of 65. After which it is done annually.

Seldom do we see patients who fail the D4 medical. This is because Simply Medicals provides a free re-test if you fl. The doctor will let you know if there are any issues and will show you what can be done to make you fit, if possible.

The cost of a D4 Medical is £49.99 if booked online or £55 if booked over the phone.

Please bring your driver’s licence / passport for ID, A List of the medication you take, your glasses prescription (if you wear glasses and any medical records you have available (if applicable). We have the forms in the office.

The D4 Medical form can be downloaded here. Alternatively, we have the D2/D4 medical forms available at all Simply Medicals branches.

Best D4 Medical Services - Only £49.99 | Simply Medicals
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