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Here are the most common Questions Clients ask us

HGV Medical FAQ

At Simply Medicals, we offer HGV medicals at over 15 locations across the West Midlands. We have offices in West Bromwich, Willenhall, Garretts Green and Droitwich. We have more to come.

On average a HGV medical takes 10-15 minutes to undertake. 

  • Your D4 medical form

  • Photo ID

  • The glasses or contact lenses you use when driving

  • Your current eyesight prescription

  • Details about any medication you are taking

  • Information on any ongoing medical conditions you may have

You have your first medical when you apply. Thereafter, it is at the age of 45. Then, every 5 years until the age of 65. After which it is annually. 

Any new medical issues are best discussed with your GP first. If they feel it is notifiable then you must notify the DVLA. Do not wait for your next medical to declare conditions. 

The doctor will conduct an eye test. Then they will check your weight, height, blood pressure and listen to your heart. They will then take a detailed history of your current and past medical issues. The doctor will inform you if there are any issues. 

A HGV medical costs £49.99 if booked online or £55.00 if booked over the phone. 

It is possible to fail aHGV medical. Simply Medicals provides a free re-test if there are any issues with your medical. So you can sort them out with your GP and get a re-test and pass. There are some conditions that are barred for HGV driving. The doctor will inform you if this is the case for your medical condition.  

A HGV medical is a mandatory health assessment to check if a driver is fit to drive. These are carried out by Simply Medicals.

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