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Motorsport Medicals

Motorsport Medicals

Motorsport medicals for Motorsport UK applications. Simply Medicals can help with this. 12 Lead ECG can be provided.
Motorsport Medical with 12-lead ECG - Only £135.

If you’re looking for a Motorsport medical, look no further than Simply Medicals! Located in the West Midlands, it’s the region’s leading provider of Motorsport medicals, at only £135. What’s more, you can have your medical done on weekends and evenings to suit your needs.

Here are the requirements as set out by motorsport uk for who needs a medical: 

National licence applications

Members aged 14 to 44 years:

Vision Test – Section 4A For members who have not previously provided a vision test. 

Members aged 45 and above:

Vision Test – Section 4A. You must complete a vision test every 36 months.

Members aged 60 years and above:

Doctor’s Medical, Report & Resting ECG – Section 4B

In addition to the above vision test requirement, you must have a medical and Resting ECG at the following age intervals: 60, 65, 70, 72 and annually from 74.

If you have reached one of the above age intervals since your last medical report, you must have a medical and Resting ECG.

International Licence Applications

Members aged 49 and under:

Medical Report, Vision Test and Resting ECG – Section 4A and 4B

Medical examination and vision test every 12 months, 12 lead Resting ECG every 24 months.

Members aged 50 to 74:

Medical Report, Vision Test and Stress Related ECG – Section 4A and 4B

Medical examination and vision test every 12 months, Stress Related ECG every 24 months.

Members aged 75 and above:

Medical Report, Vision Test and Stress Related ECG – Section 4A and 4B

Medical examination and vision test annually, Stress Related ECG annually.

Book your Motorsport UK medical today!

Make sure you have everything you need when applying or renewing your National Race, Truck or Long Circuit Kart Licence. Both national and international licence medicals can be done with Simply Medicals.


Resting ECG and Motorsport Medical - Only £135

Simply Medicals is able to carry out a 12 lead ECG for you if needed.

Who needs a resting ECG?

International drivers aged 49 and under (ECG valid for 2 years if under 75 years old) & National drivers over the age of 60 (see above)

Renewal of National or Inter Club – Race, Truck or Long Circuit Kart Licences

For renewals of You must have a medical, 12 lead resting ECG and vision test at the following age intervals: 60, 65, 70, 72, 74 and annually from the age of 75.

Please check your medical form as it will tell you if you need a 12 lead resting ECG. You can visit the motorsport uk wesbite site for further information.


Most frequent questions and answers

Your Motorsport medical examination is valid for 12 months. If your Motorsport medical application is received before the 12-month validity period has expired, you’ll be able to keep your licence up-to-date and enjoy some high-octane Motorsport action as often as you want. So make sure you never forget about your Motorsport medical. 

Motorsport Medicals with 12 Lead ECG | Only £135 | Book Today | Simply Medicals
motorsport medical in UK

Professional Motorsport UK Medicals conducted by approved doctors. 15 Convenient West Midlands locations. Evening & weekend appointments available. Book with Simply Medicals.

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