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HGV Medical: Most common reasons people fail

HGV Medical Examinations: Most common reasons people fail

HGV medical examinations are daunting. In fact any medical consultation can be anxiety provoking. When your livelihood is on the line it makes it more nerve racking. Here’s the most common reasons why people fail the HGV medical and how to prevent it.

HGV Medical Examinations: Most common reasons people fail

1. Blood Pressure

The blood pressure is by far the most common reason. The DVLA is very lenient when it comes to blood pressure. They allow a blood pressure of 180/100. If either of these readings are higher than the allowed reading then you are considered unfit to drive a heavy goods vehicle.

So How Can We Tackle This?

  1. Come to your appointment early – This helps prevent anxiety
  2. Take deep breaths whilst your blood pressure is being taken. In from your nose and out from your mouth. This naturally brings your blood pressure down.
  3. Don’t drink tea / coffee / energy drinks beforehand. These are notorious for increasing your blood pressure
  4. The Free Re-test. See below
  5. If you are taking medication to control your blood pressure take them earlier in the day. They can take around an hour to properly kick in.
  6. Also, you should bring 3 readings from home if you have them prom preceding dates so we can write these down on the form.

2. The Eye Test

The HGV requirement for the eye test is higher than that of normal car driving. Many people may find they can read a number plate in broad daylight from 20m, yet still fail the eye test.

In general, if you can read the number plate easily, you are more likely to pass.

The requirement is 6/.75 in the better eye and 6/60 in the worse eye.

What Happens If You Don’t Meet The Eye Standard in HGV Medical examinations?

In this case the doctor will firstly tell you. Secondly they will not fill the vision assessment part of the form and will ask you to see an optician. Furthermore, they will prescribe you with glasses or contact lenses in order to pass. The optician will be bale to fill in the vision assessment for you.

However, at Simply Medicals, if you need to you can always come back once you have your glasses. Bring your glasses prescription with you and we will fill in the vision assessment. The eye test is included for free.

3. Other medical conditions

The DVLA group 2 licence medical guidance is very robust and the book is around 130 pages long. In most cases the DVLA will be able to grant you a licence subject to further investigations. This could mean speaking to your GP or specialist consultant you are under for an opinion on your fitness to drive.

Furthermore, they can do further investigations themselves. This is most commonly in people with ischaemic heart disease, (angina or heart attacks). Where they would be able to an ECG test whilst you are on a treadmill. Or a visual field test if you have a visual condition like glaucoma.

The Free Re-Test

If you have your HGV Medical done from a reputable company like Simply Medicals. They will provide you with a FREE RE-TEST. What this means is if you fail on something like your blood pressure which is easily treatable. We advise you to see your GP and get medication to treat the high blood pressure. You then come back we re-test you and you can then be granted your renewal and / or provisional.

Our doctors do not deem you fit / unfit for the D4 medical. However, we know the DVLA rules which have been outlined here. We use this standard and are well versed with this. We can therefore apply this and give you full information about the medical requirements for HGV (Heavy goods vehicle) Licence holders.

Ultimately, It all starts with your HGV medical Examinations.

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