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HGV Provisional

HGV Provisional: How long does it last?

Many prospective HGV drivers are confused as to when to apply for the provisional entitlement. Maybe you don’t have the funds, or you are waiting for a job or a certain time. Simply Medicals is here to explain it all.

How to apply for a Lorry driver provisional

The HGV provisional entitlement is applied for using a D2 form. On the top left hand side you can tick first provisional entitlement and then what category you like. You will need to attach a completed D4 Form (below)

.The forms can be ordered through this link or when you come for your medical with Simply Medicals, we will provide them for you.

How long do I have to apply for the provisional entitlement?

The Provisional entitlement can be applied for within 4 months of having your D4 medical done.

How long does the HGV provisional entitlement last?

The provisional entitlement for lorries and buses expire as per the standard DVLA guidance. Unless specified otherwise. This means:

You apply for your first provisional. The next medical is due when you turn 45. It is then done on a 5 yearly basis until the age of 65, after which it is annually.

Example 1

So for example if you applied for a HGV provisional at the age of 29 it would be valid until the age of 45 as long as you sent your completed application tot he DVLA within 4 months of having the medical done.

Example 2

Furthermore, if you had medical done at the age of 42 the next medical assessment would be at 45 years of age.

What if I develop a medical condition

If, unfortunately you suffer from a new medical condition you must tell the DVLA who will decide what to do. You can declare a new medical condition using this form.

What is the DVLA turnaround when applying for a HGV provisional

Currently, the DVLA are processing the application within 2-3 weeks. This can obviously change due to extra bank holidays or other situations. However, anecdotally they have been returned within 2-3 weeks.

Final Thoughts

As the HGV entitlement is valid for a very long time, especially if you are young. It is sometimes better to apply for the provisional and decide with regards to when to do the test later. Furthermore, now is a better time than ever, as you can now pass the exam for a class 1 driver directly from a car (category B) licence.

Ultimately, It all starts with your HGV medical.

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