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HGV Medical: All you need to know

HGV Medicals: All you need to know

All HGV (heavy goods vehicle) drivers need a HGV medicals. Whether you are applying for your first provisional, renewal or transferring from an EEA country; you need HGV Medicals.

HGV Medicals: All you need to know

We will go through:

  1. What is involved
  2. Documents you need to bring
  3. How much does a HGV Medicals cost
  4. How long is a HGV Medicals valid for
  5. Can you fail

What is involved in the HGV Medicals?

The HGV Medical is split into 2 parts:

  1. The Eye test
  2. The Medical part

The Eye Test

The HGV Medical eye test can be filled by the doctor doing the exam or an optician. The doctor will make you stand 3m away from the eye chart and see how far down you can read. Furthermore, this is done with one eye at a time.

The Requirements

The requirements are higher than a normal car. Therefore, some people will be able to pass normal car requirements but need glasses for the lorry requirements.

If you are unable to meet the eye test requirement with the doctor, then the doctor will advise you to go to see your optician to fill this form.

The Medical Part

The HGV Medical has to be filled by a full GMC registered doctor. There are 8 parts to the HGV Medical and include a history and discussion, as well as a physical examination.

The doctor will ask you about your current and previous medical issues. A full drug history is taken to see what medication you currently take.

If you do have any medical issues the doctor will ask you about these in more details.

The HGV Medical is structured into 8 different areas:

  1. Eye conditions
  2. Neurological conditions
  3. Diabetes Mellitus
  4. Cardiac conditions (heart)
  5. Mental health
  6. Substance misuse
  7. Sleep Disorders
  8. Other

Eye Conditions

These are any medical condition which affect the eye. They include glaucoma, cataracts and any other condition which could impede on your ability to see. The eye test is done here.

If you have conditions like glaucoma then the DVLA will refer you for a special HGV medical test to check for your visual fields. This is where you look straight into a machine and small lights are shined in the corner of your eye. You have to press a button when you see the lights.


Here the doctor will be asking about strokes, head injuries, seizures, dizziness or vertigo, blackouts and TIAs. A general neurological examination is done depending on any Neurological condition you have.

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes has specific rules. The doctor will be asking you about your control and any complications that you have from diabetes. This includes examining your visual fields. Please see the diabetes post for full information.

Cardiac Conditions

Here the doctor will examine your heart to check for any murmurs. Moreover, this is when the heart valves make a noise when blood pumps through it. Your blood pressure and pulse will be checked. We would also be asking about any cardiac conditions or investigations you have had for your heart. If you have the reports please bring them.

Mental Health

A detailed history about mental health will be taken. This includes conditions like, PTSD, Depression and anxiety and psychosis / personality disorders. Licencing can continue if these conditions have been managed for an appropriate time. The doctor will let you know if there are any barring conditions. Please see our mental health blog.

Substance Misuse

Here we need to know about drugs or alcohol misuse or dependency. We will be asking what your alcohol consumption is at the moment. Hence, establishing whether you have drugs or alcohol misuse.

Obstructive Sleep apnoea and Narcolepsy

These are conditions which can cause excessive sleepiness and may cause you to fall asleep at the wheel.

This is not a problem as long as it is well controlled. We will need to discuss this and ensure that you are wearing your mask when going to sleep every night. Furthermore, this is checked by the DVLA who will cross check this with your respiratory clinic.


Here any other medical conditions you have will be asked about. A list of all your medications and any specialist doctors you see. As well as cancers. Not all cancers bar you from driving. Only the ones with a a high probability of spreading to your brain. Please ask the doctor if you have any questions.

Documents you need to bring

  • Your D4 medical form
  • Photo ID
  • The glasses or contact lenses you use when driving
  • Your current eyesight prescription
  • Details about any medication you are taking
  • Information on any ongoing medical conditions you may have and reports of scans and investigations.

How much does a HGV Medical cost?

At Simply Medicals the HGV Medical costs £49.99, if booked online.

How long is a HGV Medical valid for?

The initial medical is done when you apply for the licence. It is then done when you turn 45 years old. It is then done every 5 years until the age of 65. Thereafter, it is annually.

How long does the HGV Medical take?

The medical takes 15 minutes on average. You must send the form to the DVLA within 4 months of doing the medical.

Can you fail the HGV Medical?

It is possible to fail the HGV Medical. Doctors at Simply Medicals are well versed with the DVLA guidelines. If there are any issues which are reversible and could lead to non licencing the doctor will let you know. We have a free re-test policy. Therefore, if there is an issue which is reversible we will show you how to fix it and do a re-test once you meet the standard.

Final Thoughts

The HGV Medical plays a vital role in ensuring you are medically fit to drive. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Ultimately, It all starts with your HGV medical.

Your feedback is most welcome!

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Therefore, If you need to book a HGV medical please click here.



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