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Everything You Need To Know About The Dudley Council Taxi Medical

The Dudley Council taxi medical is very similar to other taxi medicals.

Many people don’t know that the requirements for a taxi medical are the same as HGV or PCV drivers.

The DVLA sets out strict criteria which much be applied and passed in order to be deemed medically fit to drive a Dudley Council Taxi.

Everything You Need To Know About The Dudley Council Taxi Medical

What you need to bring to the Dudley Council Taxi Medical

  1. Photo ID – Passport or Driver’s licence
  2. Proof of address – A recent utility bill or bank statement
  3. The Dudley Council Taxi Medical form – see below
  4. A list of all the regular medication you are prescribed, or the medication themselves
  5. Your glasses prescription if you wear glasses for driving
  6. Any medical records you may have for any illnesses you have, if applicable
How To Get Your Dudley Council Medical Form

When you make your application for a taxi badge, you will be sent a medical form which is unique to you.

This form has your photo printed on it and your personal details too.

You MUST bring this for your Dudley Council Taxi Medical examination.

What happens at a Dudley Council Medical

When you arrive for your medical you fill out a medical disclaimer form. This is to declare any medical issues you may have. Therefore, helping us to carry out your medical properly.

Once you have completed and signed this form, a member of staff will take you to the examination room.

The Actual Examination

Firstly, the nurse will do some preliminary checks. These include your eye test, blood pressure, height and weight. Moreover, she will ask you about your smoking history and alcohol consumption, if applicable.

Secondly, you will be seen by the doctor. The doctor will listen to your heart for any heart murmurs and check through all of your medical histories. Further examinations may be needed depending on your medical conditions if any.

The medical examination normally takes 15 minutes in total.

Completion of the examination

Once the assessment is done the doctor will tell you whether or not you meet the legal requirements for becoming a Dudley Council taxi driver.

This means at the end of the medical examination you will be given your certificate. This will say whether or not you are medically fit to drive.

How long does the Dudley Council Taxi Medical Last?

This normally depends on your age. You would get your initial medical, to get the Dudley Council Taxi badge. You need to have a medical every 3 years.

Sometimes, because of the nature of your medical condition a sooner medical would be needed. The doctor will inform you of this if it is the case.

The cost of the medical

The Dudley Council Taxi Medical costs £49.99 if you book it online or £55.00 if you book on the phone. If you go to your own GP it can cost a lot more.

Who can do your Dudley Council Taxi Medical?

Previously, you were only able to get the medical done by the council approved doctor or your own GP. Due to recent problems with Covid-19. Dudley Council are allowing Private doctors to do the medical assessment now too.

This is subject to change.


The Dudley Council Taxi Medical is straight forward but very important. It is paramount that you meet the group 2 requirements for driving a lorry / bus. Our experienced staff will guide you through any issues or questions you have. They will also explain everything to you in a calm and helpful manner.

Hence why Simply Medicals is rated the highest, with 100’s of 5 star reviews.

Good luck with your Taxi Medical. We hope to see you soon!

Hgv medical forms

Ultimately, It all starts with your Taxi Medical.

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