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Bus and lorry driver application made easy: Government update

On the 16th September the government outlined how they want to make the lorry driver application easier.

These changes are about to come into place on 15th November 2021.

Some of the ways to make the lorry driver application easier were:

  • Drivers being able to go straight to class 1 driving. See below
  • Free up more slots by not needing a trailer exam separately. See below
  • Making more exam slots available by using military instructors. In place already
  • Free up more examiner time by getting your trainers to do off road manoeuvres with you. See below

Lorry driver applications | Can now pass Class 1 license directly

The government announced on 19th October 2021 that all lorry driver applications will have the ability to pass in Class 1 (articulated lorries) without having to pass in a class 2 (rigid vehicle) first. Subject to Parliamentary processes, this law is due to come into play 15th November 2021.

I have a provisional in class 2 but not class 1?

Lory driver applications for the provisional entitlement for class 2 can be upgraded to Class 1. Please follow this link on the DVLA website and you can upgrade your provisional entitlement.

Lorry Driver applications | The trailer exam

As it stands bus and lorry driver applicants need to pass a minibus / coach / lorry licence. Following this you have to pass the exam with a trailer. The plan from the 15th November 2021 is that drivers who pass the exam for the artic no longer need an exam for trailers.

For bus and coach trailers you can pass the exam for the trailer, without doing the bus / coach / minibus licence first/separately. Therefore you can pass the exam for both categories in one sitting. Saving you a lot of time!

In conclusion

In conclusion these are exciting times for people wishing to drive Heavy goods vehicles. Lorry driver applications are a lot more than ever before. This may be due to the new government push.

So 15th November 2021 is the provisional date for the changes to come in.

You will be able to pass an exam directly for the artic without passing a rigid exam first. You will be able to pass the exam for trailers without needing to pass for a bus / coach driver licence first.

Always remember, just because you pass in an artic does not mean you need to jump straight in. You can and should get some more practice in a smaller vehicle first.

For full details visit the government website.

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