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Lorry driver exam changes

The Lorry driver exam is due to change on 15th November 2021.

Previously, the lorry driver exam was completely done by the DVSA.

It is now split into two parts. One for the DVSA and other by an independent instructor.

The government is trying to free up as many slots as possible for people to be able to do Lorry driver exams.

You can now pass a class 1 exam directly. Click here to find out exactly what the different categories are and what you need to do to pass.

Today, however, we will be looking at the actual lorry driver exam and how it has changed.

Lorry driver exam changes in UK

How will the lorry driver exam itself changed?

The Lorry driver exam will be split into two parts now.

  1. Driver CPC part 3a (off-road exercises) test
  2. Driver CPC part 3b (on-road driving) test

The off road part

The off road part will be tested by a training organisation. However, NOT THE ONE YOU TRAINED WITH.

These manoeuvres include:

  • ‘S’ shaped reverse into a bay
  • showing the uncoupling and recoupling procedure if you’re taking a test with a trailer

You must pass this before the on road driving test.

The on Road part

The DVSA is going to test this part of the lorry driver exam, as before. This consists of two parts:

  1. The vehicle safety questions – ‘Show me tell me’ questions
  2. Practical on-road driving test


In conclusion, the Lorry Driver Exam Changes in the fact that the off road part can be done by an independent instructor. The rest of the exam is as it was before. Click here, for full details of the new changes due to come in on 15th November 2021.

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