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Everything you need to know about the Wolverhampton Taxi Licence Test

Planning on becoming a Wolverhampton taxi driver? If so, then you’ll first need to undertake a one-day training and assessment course. This course is run by the Worcestershire County Council. However, to ensure you get the most from this course, it’s important to first prepare for your assessment and test – as we’ll be outlining today.

Everything you need to know about the Wolverhampton Taxi Licence Test

How to Prepare for a Wolverhampton Taxi Entry Test

Before undertaking your Wolverhampton taxi entry test, there are a few things you should consider initially to help you make the right decisions overall.

There are numerous driver assessment processes, which makes the entire event an incredibly fast-paced matter. With this in mind, to begin with, you should start by ensuring you get a good night’s sleep the day before your test, as you’ll need to be alert for a long time to take it all in.

For the test day itself, you’ll need to have booked in advance. You should bring a copy of your booking email. In addition, you should also provide proof of your national insurance number and an original version of your driving license. The driving license must be a photocard and issued by the DVLA.

How to book the Wolverhampton Taxi Licence Test

Many drivers are finding the Wolverhampton Taxi licence test the limiting factor in their application process. From experience of doing the Wolverhampton Taxi Medical for numerous drivers. I have been told that the course/test dates are released twice a day, at 9:30 and at 13:30. However, this is from what drivers have told me. Also, drivers have booked a slot from cancellations late at night. Therefore it is paramount you keep refreshing and looking at the booking page. This will ensure you get a slot as soon as possible.

What does the Wolverhampton Taxi Licence Test involve?

The course and test last for around 6 hours, and you will need to achieve a 75% score in order to pass. As such, if there are any aspects of the highway code you’re not fully aware of, it’s important to study and brush up on these in advance of your exam.

The course goes through many aspects of being a Taxi driver. From health and safety and safeguarding. The course goes through everything you need for the test itself. For more information visit the council website.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking for ways to prepare for your Wolverhampton taxi entry test, we hope today’s guide may have helped a little. Indeed, becoming a Wolverhampton taxi driver is an exciting experience! However, to get the most from this, we highly recommend that you consider today’s key tips to help with your decision overall. And remember: with a little preparation and thought, you can boost your performance overall.

Wolverhampton private hire vehicle licence renewal

Ultimately, It all starts with your Taxi Medical.

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