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The Wolverhampton Taxi Medical Form

One of the first steps to getting a Wolverhampton Taxi badge is doing the driver medical. Therefore, you need to submit a completed Wolverhampton Taxi Medical form.

This is a simple process which involves doing an eye test, blood pressure check and a general health check.

Furthermore, you get the certificate on the day of the driver medical.

Who can fill out the Wolverhampton Taxi Medical form?

Only a doctor with full GMC registration can fill out the form. Therefore, Simply Medicals is approved to carry out the Wolverhampton Taxi Medical assessment. Book your taxi medical here.

The Wolverhampton Taxi Medical Form

Download the Wolverhampton Taxi Medical form here.

However, you must ensure that it is not an expired form. The expiry date is located at the top of the form.

What Do I Need to Bring For my Wolverhampton Taxi Medical? 

      1. Your Driving licence or Passport 
      2. A Utility bill or bank statement (electronic copy is okay)
      3. The Medical form above
      4. Your Medical records from your GP – Click here for more  information

How long is the form valid for?

The driver medical form is valid for 4 months, from the date of the doctor signing the form.

How often do you need a Wolverhampton Taxi Medical?

The Wolverhampton Taxi medical renewal is dependent on your age.

You must have your first medical. Following this, the next medical is due at the age of 45. Furthermore, a new certificate is then needed every 5 years up until the age of 65. After the age of 65 a new certificate is needed annually.

However, your doctor may choose to do your medical at an earlier interval if you have certain conditions e.g. heart attack or diabetes.

How Long does the Taxi Medical take?

The Wolverhampton Taxi Medical form itself is one page long. Furthermore, the Medical assessment takes between 10-15 minutes depending on medical complexity.


In Conclusion, the Wolverhampton taxi medical is a short but precise assessment. You will get the result and certificate at the end of the assessment. For full details and information please visit the council website here.

The quicker you start the quicker you can get on the road and make money.

D2 and D4 forms

Ultimately, It all starts with your Taxi Medical.

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Therefore, If you need to book a Taxi medical please click here.




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