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Paramedic Salary; How Much Do Paramedics Earn?

Paramedic Salary; How Much Do Paramedics Earn?

What is the paramedic salary? Perhaps you’re a current paramedic and wondering if you’re getting a fair rate of pay for your job. Or, maybe you’ve just been thinking about becoming a paramedic and wondering about the prospects. Whatever the case might be for you, knowing the average salary of your job role is always crucial. Fortunately, with this in mind, our team is on hand today to help you find out a little more about the average paramedic salary. Hopefully, this may help inform your decision overall.

What is the Average Paramedic Salary?

Paramedics have a massively important job to carry out. Not only do you need to work well under pressure, but you need to have a good knowledge of medical interventions. These might include stopping a haemorrhage, applying splints, and so on. As such, it’s understandable that the average paramedic salary is higher than most jobs.

Generally, the average starting salary for paramedics is in Band 5. This means most starting paramedics who have just passed their D4 medical will start on around £26,000 per year.

With experience, an average paramedic’s income can increase. For example, a senior paramedic or team leader may earn up to £44,000 per year. Meanwhile, a consultant paramedic’s income can be in Band 8c or around £70,000 per year.

As such, it’s clear that the average salary of a paramedic can be highly varied. This is mostly dependent on the paramedic’s experience and specific job role. However, the pay may be higher for paramedics working on-call or in inner-city locations such as London.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a paramedic is an exciting process. You’ve completed your medical and have applied for the job, ready to begin making a difference in people’s lives. However, before you go any further, it’s worth considering an average paramedic salary to help inform your decision. After all, a paramedic’s job is intensely stressful at the best of times. As such, ensuring you’re getting compensated fairly for your time is crucial.

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