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Blood pressure part of the HGV Medical

Blood pressure part of the HGV Medical – How to pass!

Blood Pressure Part Of The HGV Medical: Blood pressure (BP) is the one of the most common reasons why people fail the HGV Medical. This is how to best prepare for the HGV Medical to ensure you have the highest chance of passing the blood pressure.

However, it is important to note that the majority of patients will pass the HGV Medical. The blood pressure limit for HGV medical examination is 180/100 mmHg. This is the standard limit set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) in the UK. It needs to be 179/99 or below to pass the HGV medical.

However, if a driver has a history of hypertension or has been diagnosed with hypertension, the limit may be lower. It is important to note that these limits may vary in other countries and regions. This article is for those who are nervous about passing or worried about their BP.

The requirement for HGV blood test?

The HGV medical needs your BP to be well controlled. The DVLA requirements are actually very lenient. This can be with or without medication.

They require the systolic pressure (top reading) to be Less than 180. Furthermore, the diastolic (bottom reading) needs to be less than 100 also.

The DVLA form does ask is it consistently higher than 180/100. However for the medical it is better to have it under this range.

A normal blood pressure is much lower than this figure please ask your doctor if you have any concerns with your BP.

What if I take medication for my blood pressure

It is okay to take medication for your BP in order to keep it well controlled. However, if you have a blood pressure machine at home then we do need to write down three BP readings from home on different dates. Preferably recent i.e. in the last week.

How can I ensure my blood pressure is okay for the medical

There’s a few things we would recommend you do to pass your blood pressure part of the HGV medical exam.

  1. Come for your medical assessment early
  2. Do not take caffeine or red bull before your medical
  3. Leave plenty of time between your renewal date and the medical assessment
  4. Decrease stress on the day by allowing ample time for the medical
  5. Bring your home readings with you if you have a machine at home

All of these things will help you to bring your BP down. Relaxing is the key.

What if my blood pressure is too high for the medical?

Depending on how high your BP is the doctor will advise you whether to seek urgent medical advice on the day or to contact your GP.

Once you see a medical professional that is able to treat your BP then you can come back and have another assessment for FREE. This is call our free re-test policy. Once you start taking medication and your BP is controlled you can then pass your medical.

How long in advance can I send off my D4 medical form?

The D4 medical is valid for 4 months from the date of the assessment.

Ultimately, It all starts with your HGV medical.

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This article is for educational purposes only and should not be used for medical treatment.



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