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Everything about the HGV Skills Bootcamp

The government have released a list of all the approved providers for the HGV skills boot camp. Therefore, you can now become an HGV driver for FREE!!!!

Everything about the HGV Skills Bootcamp

What is HGV skills boot camp?

The Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) skills boot camp is a government-paid course which allows people to go from a car licence and be able to drive a lorry. Which is a class C+E (Class 1 / articulated lorry).

The HGV skills bootcamp is a 16 week free training course. It involves, getting your provisional licence, after your medical. The HGV skills bootcamp also has all the training for the tests and eventually will lead to you getting a Driver CPC (Driver certificate of professional competence).

So who can apply for a HGV Skills bootcamp?

There are 2 qualifying criteria.

  1. Are 19 years or older
  2. You have a full car (category B) driving licence

However, some providers have extra criteria for applying too.

So what is involved in the HGV skills bootcamp?

The cost of the HGV skills boot camp is nothing, because the entire course is paid for by the government.

However, you must use a provider from the approved list of providers.

The HGV skills bootcamp includes:

  1. Getting a medical
  2. Applying for your provisional licence
  3. Preparing you for the theory test
  4. Organising and training you for the practical part of the exam
  5. Advice about HGV driving along the way
  6. If you do fail One resit is covered per test
  7. There are a total of 4 tests
Do we recommend anyone?

Further to this, it is always good to get a recommendation. We do have a local provider who we would highly recommend, based in Willenhall. This is Darren at PR Training Ltd. Here is a link to his website Specialist Training Provider in Transport, Logistics, and More – PR Training (

Furthermore, they will most surely be able to help you with your application for the HGV skills bootcamp.


Lastly, there is no harm in taking on this opportunity to become a HGV driver. The HGV skills bootcamp will get more lorry drivers on the road. However, you must remember, these vehicles are really big and even though I’d recommend getting a class 1 license. Hence, I would not recommend driving in a class 1 vehicle straight away. Getting some experience in the smaller vehicle is definitely a better and safer option.

Moreover, good luck with all of your training, and we wish you all the best.

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Ultimately, It all starts with your HGV medical.

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Therefore, If you need to book a HGV medical please click here.



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