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The cost of becoming a lorry driver and how YOU could get it for FREE?!

There are 2 main costs for becoming a lorry driver. Firstly the money. Secondly, time.

Therefore, today we will go through what the average financial cost of becoming a lorry driver is and how you could potentially get it done for FREE.

The cost of becoming a lorry driver and how YOU could get it for FREE?!

There are a few loops you need to jump through to become a lorry driver.

  1. Your HGV medical
  2. Your theory test
  3. The case studies test
  4. Driver training
  5. The practical test
  6. Module 4 demonstration
  7. Buy a tachograph

Disclaimer: The cost of training does vary from one provider to another. However, this should give you a rough guide to how much you should expect to pay.

Your HGV Medical

Cost – £49.99

Running total – £49.99

The first step to becoming a lorry driver is getting a medical. Simply Medicals can do this for you for £49.99, when booked online. If you go to your own GP this may cost considerably more. Sometimes up to £240!

The theory test

Cost – £37

Running total – £86.99

The HGV theory test for becoming a lorry driver is split into two. Firstly, The multiple choice questions (£26). Secondly, the hazard perception (£11). However, you can book both of these together on the same day.

Practice disc/app for LGV and PCV theory test

Cost £16.50

Running total – £103.49

You will need an app or a disc to practice for the theory test.

The Case studies test

Cost – £23

Running total – 126.49

Part 2 of the theory test for becoming a lorry driver is the case studies test. This is a DVSA exam, therefore is booked online. However, you do not need to do this if you passed your driving test before 1st January 1997.

Practice disc/app for the case studies test

Cost £23.90

Running total – £150.39

You will need an app or a disc to practice for case studies test. Furthermore. these can be bought on eBay or Amazon.

HGV Driver Training

cost Free -£3500

Running total – £3650.39

The cost of the actual training varies a lot. It depends on how long you will need to study. Most training centres will do a trail first in the lorry to see where you stand and how much training you are likely to need.

The first £2,500 includes the training up to class 2 (rigid lorry driving). Since the new government rules from 15th November 2021, you are able to drive a class 1 vehicle directly. However this will require extra training.

Moreover. this extra training is normally around £1000.

Bringing the total cost to around £3500 for the training. Some schools may include the price of the practical test in this too. However, In case they don’t I have the costs detailed below.

HGV practical exam

cost – £155 (evenings or weekend test £181)

Running total £3805.39

The practical test for becoming a lorry driver is split into two:

  1. Part 3a (off road exercises) – £40 – Done by an approved training provider
  2. Part 3b (on road exercises) – £115-141 – done by the DVSA

Module 4 of the CPC

Cost – £55 (evenings or weekend test £181)

Running Total – 3860.39

In addition to the practical test you need to demonstrate you know how to operate the vehicle itself. This is vital to become a lorry driver. This is a practical exam done via the DVSA. Your training organisation should book this for you.

Furthermore, the training for this is normally included in your training price.

Buy A Tachograph Card

Cost – £32

Running total – £3892.39

To become a lorry driver you need to be able to lo your hours in a tachograph. Therefore, you need your own driver card for this. It can be applied for through here. Additionally, it is best to apply for this when you apply for your provisional. However it should be done separately, as you send the application to a different address.

How can I become a lorry driver for free?!

As you saw the costs for becoming a lorry driver, especially class 1 will be around £4000. Moreover, this should include your training and all your tests. However, did you know you could get this for FREE?!

There is lorry driver shortage at the moment. Therefore, as part of the government initiative to increase number of drivers, the government is paying for their training.

Hence, these are called HGV boot camps. Furthermore, you can click here to find out more information on this, and who is eligible.

SPOILER – You do not need to unemployed!


Lastly, The cost of becoming a lorry driver is around £4000 – (class 1 / articulated lorry).

The cost of becoming a class 2 (rigid) lorry driver is around £3000.

Moreover, these include all your exams and tests too!

Good luck with your training… Let’s keep on trucking!

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Ultimately, It all starts with your HGV medical.

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