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becoming a paramedic

How to become a Paramedic | Student Paramedic Recruitment Process 

Student paramedics are on the road to become one of the most sought after healthcare professionals. Hence, as a paramedic, you are the first on the scene. You can help people at their lowest moments. You are essentially the backbone of the NHS.

Therefore, today we will go through the application process for becoming a student paramedic. Furthermore, we will show you where and when to apply.

However, today we will be addressing the West Midlands Ambulance Service WMAS applications.

How to become a Paramedic | Student Paramedic Recruitment Process 

Entry Requirements for Student Paramedics

The student paramedic recruitment process requirements are:

  1. A full Drivers licence
  2. 5 GCSE’s at grade C and above
  3. 1 A level qualification, or an equivalent (for examples see document below)
  4. Patient facing or customer facing experience
  5. A Provisional C1 licence on your drivers licence

Furthermore, see below for the detailed student paramedic eligibility criteria pdf.

What is a C1 provisional and how do you get it on your licence?

You need to have a C1 provisional to apply to become a student paramedic. Due to the weight of ambulance (up to 7.5 tonnes) you cannot drive them on a normal car licence (maximum 3.5 tonne).

You need to get a medical done to apply for the C1 provisional.

There are 2 forms needed, a D2 (application form) and a D4 form (Medical assessment form). These are available at your local post office, or you can order them online here or just come for your medical with Simply Medicals and we will provide them for you.

You can book your C1 medical online here for £49.99. The doctor will go through the process, will provide the form and help you fill the forms out too! The Eye test is included too! Going to a private provider will be cheaper and quicker than going to your own GP.

The C1 provisional usually comes back in 2-3 weeks. The WMAS is happy to accept your application as long as you have sent the forms to the DVLA.

When to apply to become a student paramedic. The Application Window…

Student paramedic applications are not open all the time. However, there are 4 application windows! So make sure you are aware of these. These are the dates for 2022.

  1. 11th March – 8th April
  2. 6th June – 3rd July
  3. 12th September – 9th October
  4. 5th December – 1st January

Student paramedic application process

The student paramedic application process is very simple.

  1. Ensure you meet all the eligibility criteria
  2. Apply online here – Within the application window
  3. The WMAS will do a Highway code (multiple choice driving theory test) and practical assessment (at the same level needed for a car test)
  4. Fitness assessment (see below)
  5. Interview

Further information

The WMAS has tried to make it easier for you to apply for the student paramedic apprenticeship scheme. Furthermore, they have a dedicated microsite. Therefore, visit here for detailed information on the application process.


In conclusion, becoming a paramedic is a very rewarding career. It requires you to be agile, think on your feet and have a really kind, caring and loving heart.

Therefore, Simply Medicals has made the process for becoming a student paramedic easy. It all starts with getting the C1 provisional on your licence and doing the application.

Hence, booking your ambulance medical is where to begin.

Good luck!

DVLA eye test chart

Ultimately, It all starts with your Ambulance Medical.

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