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Download The Solihull Council Taxi Medical Form

The Solihull council taxi medical form can be found online. Download it here.

Who Can do the Solihull Taxi Medical?

The Solihull Taxi Medical can be done by any GP who is registered with the GMC.

Our doctors are here to help you. Simply Medicals is approved by the council to do the Solihull Taxi Medical assessment. Book your Solihull Taxi Medical here.

What do you need to bring for the Taxi Medical?

You must bring the following things when you come for the taxi medical.

  1. Proof of ID – Passport or driving licence
  2. The medical form
  3. A list of the medication you are prescribed by your doctor. However you can bring the medication themselves.
  4. Glasses Prescription if you wear glasses to drive

What happens during a Solihull Council Taxi Medical?

The Taxi medical process:

Step 1 – Fill out a deceleration form

Firstly, you need to fill out the medical deceleration form. This is a disclaimer to about any medical conditions you may have.

Step 2 – The Nurse or Doctor will bring you in

Depending on how busy the clinic is either a nurse or a doctor will call you in for the examination.

The Nurse normally will do your ID check as well as check your blood pressure, eye sight, height and weight.

You will then see the doctor for the rest of the examination.

Step 3 – The Doctor’s examination

Furthermore, once the nurse has done her preliminary checks you will then come to see the doctor.

The doctor will listen to your heart and depending on any medical conditions will do further examinations. They will also go through your past and current medical history as well as your medication history.

Step 4 – Signing of the Solihull Council Taxi Medical Form

Lastly, depending on if you meet the group 2 licence medical criteria set out by the DVLA. The doctor will issue you with the certificate to say if you are fit or unfit to drive.

However, if there are any problems that arise from the medical assessment the doctor will tell you how to rectify it and how best to make your health better as a driver.

Solihull Council Taxi Medical Form

Solihull Council Taxi Medical Form: Conclusion

In conclusion, the medical assessment is short but essential. It can take 10-15 minutes to carry out. IF you have any questions about the taxi medical feel free to give us a shout. Click here to find out more about the Taxi Medical. Full information can be found on the council website.

Good Luck!

Ultimately, It all starts with your Taxi Medical.

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Therefore, If you need to book a Taxi medical please click here.



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