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How long is the HGV Medical valid for?

The HGV medical validity depends on the patient’s age and your medical history. One of the most common questions from anyone who comes for a medical is how long the medical lasts. Today we will be looking at this.

When to send off the HGV medical form

The D4 medical form is the form needed for all group 2 licence holders.

Group 2 licence holders are anyone who is:

  • A heavy goods vehicle licence holder
  • A light goods vehicle licence holder
  • Bus / coach driver
  • Taxi Driver
  • Trailers were under this requirement previously
  • Motor homes over 3.5 tonne

Once the medical form is done you have 4 months to send off the form to the DVLA.

After this you would need a new assessment.

So make SURE YOU send it off before then. You’ll be surprised how many people come back and have not sent it off in the right time frame.

When do you need to repeat the HGV medical

The HGV medical renewal date depends on your age. A lot of people think it is on a 5 yearly basis. However, this is not the case.

The routine guidance from the DVLA in terms of the medical is:

  1. Your initial application
  2. First renewal – Age 45
  3. Further medicals are 5 yearly
  4. Once you reach age 65 they happen yearly

Therefore, if you apply for you licence at the age of 43 you will need your initial medical. The next one would be at the age of 45 (2 years later).

I have a medical issue do I need more HGV medicals?

Some people with certain medical conditions may need more regular medicals. The DVLA will inform you if this is the case, once you have reported your condition to them.

Remember, it is a legal requirement to declare all declarable medical conditions to the DVLA. You must ask your doctor if your condition is notifiable.

I just received a renewal form but no D4 form what do I do?

Lastly, a lot of young drivers in their 20’s/30’s have turned up for a medical when they don’t need one. If your licence runs out the DVLA will send you a renewal form. This does not mean you have to have a HGV medical.


You must check the guidance on the form. On the top right hand corner it will say check if you need a D4 medical, with additional notes. Check the notes to see if you need a HGV medical or not. Getting a medical is good but why pay if you don’t need it.

Ultimately, It all starts with your HGV medical.

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