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Lorry driver medicals carried out by GMC-registered doctors

As a lorry driver, naturally you spend a lot of your time on the road. That means you and your employer has a responsibility to ensure that you remain fit enough to carry the job out safely. To obtain your category C licence, you'll need to undergo a medical. Even after that, repeat check-ups will be required when you get to 45, and every 5 years after that until the age of 65. From 65 onwards, you'll be required to have your HGV medical conducted annually.

At Simply Medicals we provide convenient, competent and cost-efficient driver medicals. You'll find our service to be more affordable than having to see your doctor and optician respectively, plus we'll have it all wrapped up for you in no time. Most of our drivers are seen within the week, and we have centres located in Willenhall, West Bromwich, Garretts Green and Droitwich.

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What does the HGV medical involve?

You'll undergo an eyesight test, using a Snellen chart to determine your visual acuity. We'll also check your blood pressure, and discuss your medical history and any medications you may currently be on, as these may impact on your ability to drive safely.

What do I need to bring to my D4 lorry driver medical?

  • Your D4 medical form

  • Photo ID

  • The glasses or contact lenses you use when driving

  • Your current eyesight prescription

  • Details about any medication you are taking

  • Information on any ongoing medical conditions you may have

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Where can I get my HGV medical?

At Simply Medicals, we offer HGV medicals at several locations across the West Midlands. We have offices in West Bromwich, Willenhall, Garretts Green and Droitwich.

Book your HGV medical with a trained, GMC-registered doctor courtesy of Simply Medicals today.