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What is a DVLA HGV Medical

What is a DVLA HGV Medical

If you’re looking to drive a lorry, van, bus, or coach professionally, then you need to take and pass a DVLA HGV medical. Here, we will be discussing what exactly is entailed in the process and why it is so important.

The Process of Applying for an DVLA HGV Medical

Applying for an HGV medical test examination is relatively straightforward. You must first get a D2/ D4 form pack. This can be ordered online here, found at your local post office or Simply Medicals can provide it when you come for your medical assessment.

The form includes questions about your medical history, along with any recent illnesses or injuries that may affect your ability to drive professionally. Once you have filled out the D2 form, you will then need to make an appointment at a doctor’s office or local medical center like Simply Medicals where they will carry out the assessment.

The assessment itself will include vision tests and general health checks.

Who can do my HGV Medical?

Whether you need to get HGV medical renewal for HGV, PSV or Taxi licence renewal purposes, Simply Medicals is the reliable provider for you.

Located in West Midlands, Simply Medicals offers comprehensive HGV medicals at extremely competitive prices – only £49.99, which is a fraction of what most local GPs will charge you.

From designated HGV health check areas to friendly and professional staff, Simply Medicals has it all! So why not book an HGV medical with them today?

Where can I get a HGV Medical?

At Simply Medicals, we understand how important HGV medicals are. That’s why we offer services throughout the West Midlands so that anyone from this area can have easy access to HGV medicals and other related services – no matter where you live!

We have over 5 locations across the midlands and we specialize in HGV medicals, providing professional and friendly service all around the West Midlands. So no matter the distance, you can trust that Simply Medicals will take care of your HGV medical needs with ease!

Why Do I Need a HGV Medical?

How can i find HGV medical near me?

Having a valid HGV medical certificate is required by law if you want to drive professionally in the UK. It is important because it provides reassurance that drivers are fit and healthy enough to operate large vehicles safely on public roads.

The test also checks that drivers do not suffer from any physical or psychological conditions that may inhibit their ability to drive safely—such as poor eyesight (hgv medical eye test), diabetes, depression or epilepsy.

During the exam, the physician will evaluate not only your physical health but also your mental well-being. This helps ensure that all professional drivers are fit for their jobs and do not pose an unreasonable risk of inflicting harm on other motorists while operating a motor vehicle on public roads.


In conclusion, it’s clear that having a valid DVLA H G V Medical Certificate is essential if you wish to drive professionally in the UK. This certificate serves as confirmation that you are physically and mentally capable of safely operating huge vehicles on public highways, and it also contributes to the general goal of ensuring driver safety on our nation’s roadways. So if you’re thinking about starting a career as a professional driver, don’t forget to book for your HGV Medical first!

Ultimately, It all starts with your HGV medical requirements.

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