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How To Book The Wolverhampton Taxi Assessment

Wolverhampton Council taxi assessment has been known to be very difficult to get. Don’t worry Simply medicals is here to help.

Here are 3 top tips for booking the Wolverhampton taxi assessment.

Click here for the entire process of the getting the Wolverhampton Taxi badge can be found.

Why Is It So Difficult To Book The Taxi Assessment?

Rumour has it, there is a 9000 person backlog at the moment in drivers who need the taxi assessment. This is because the Wolverhampton badge can currently be used across England except London.

People are applying for this badge throughout the entire country.

So when you go to book the assessment it literally says. There are no bookings available at this moment in time.

So how can we increase the chances of getting the appointment. That’s what this blog is about.

Top Tip # 1:

Keep Refreshing the page as often as possible

Wolverhampton Council releases appointments all throughout the day during working hours. The best thing to do is stay on that page and keep refreshing. Some people say to do it every 15 minutes. Others say to do it more often.

I personally, would suggest staying on that page and doing it at as often as possible. This is because the council release the appointments randomly throughout the day.

Top Tip # 2:

Copy and paste your Driving licence number.

Ever got to the page, found a slot and thought, YES!. Only to be met with an error message?

That is because someone else saw the slot at the same time and booked it before you. So to increase your chances of getting that appointment. Copy and paste your driving licence number. This will allow you to complete the form as quickly as possible.

In turn increasing your chances for booking that slot.

Top Tip # 3:

Check for slots out of hours too!

Many drivers book appointments and then either change their mind or are unable to make that appointment. These appointments will then get thrown back onto the system. You need to check the site in the evenings and weekends for these cancelled appointments.

Many of our drivers have had success of booking the appointment purely by checking in the evening for cancellation slots.

Taxi assessment

Where Does The Wolverhampton Taxi Assessment Take Place?

Currently, there are 2 locations the council uses for their taxi assessment days. The first being in Manchester, the second being in Bilston.

My personal suggestion would be to just go for whatever is available. It is very difficult to get these slots and if you have the opportunity to get one… Just take it!

How much does the taxi assessment cost? 

The total cost for the Wolverhampton taxi assessment is £40. This is payable at the time of booking the appointment. 

Where can I book the Wolverhampton Taxi assessment?

You can book the Taxi assessment through the City of Wolverhampton Council website.

Ultimately, It all starts with your Taxi Medical.

Your feedback is most welcome!

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