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How often does a HGV driver need a medical?

How often does a HGV driver need a medical in 2023?

A HGV Medical is needed when you apply for your HGV provisional. It is then needed every 5 years after the age of 45. When you reach 65 years of age it is needed on a yearly basis.

What happens if you have a medical condition?

The DVLA may require you to fill out a self declaration form if you have had a heart attack. This does not need to be filled out by a doctor.

If, however, the DVLA send you a D4 medical form then this will need to be filled by a doctor.

How Much Does A HGV Medical cost?

A HGV Medical can cost £49.99 if booked through Simply Medicals. However, if you do go to your own GP the cost will be considerably more.

I have reached 45 years and I haven’t received the medical forms?

You are supposed to receive a D4 medical form with the renewal form (D47P) around 6-8 weeks before your entitlement is over.


It is better to check the back of your driver’s licence and check the expiry date of your entitlement. You will find your car entitlement will be longer and therefore you must check your HGV categories C or C+E.

According to the DVLA it is your responsibility to ensure your entitlement does not expire. You will not be insured if it lapses.

Where Can I Get the Medical and renewal Forms From?

If you get a HGV medical done through Simply Medicals, we will provide the forms for you.

You can also download the D4 Medical form below. Otherwise, you can collect a pack for the D4 and D2 form from your local post office.



Download PDF • 636KB

You can also check the form d47p.

Ultimately, It all starts with your HGV medical.

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