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Lorry Driving With Dyslexia

Lorry Driving With Dyslexia

I Can’t Read And Write Can I Become A Lorry Driver?

When you suffer from condition like dyslexia difficult to ask anyone if that would be a barrier to you coming a lorry driver.

When you suffer from a condition like dyslexia difficult to ask anyone if that would be a barrier to becoming a lorry driver.

We have had many people with this concern. They are fluent in speaking, however they do not know how to read and write. Clearly, this can be a problem for the theory test. We will be going through exactly how you can overcome this, today.

Can I drive a lorry, whilst not being able to read?

The short answer to this is… Yes!

How do I study for the Lorry driver theory test?

How do I study for the Lorry driver theory test?

The best and most efficient way to prepare for the lorry driver theory test is to use the official app. You can either buy the app for your phone or the CD. This will allow the software to read out the questions and answers. it also reads out the explanation for you.

You can buy it from Amazon here. It may be cheaper elsewhere, moreover your training provider may be able to provide this for you.

As the questions are multiple choice, you will be able to hear the answers and choose appropriately.

Furthermore, you can also use the mock exams to help you prepare for the real exam.

So how am I able to pass the lorry driver theory test?

When applying for the theory test You are able to request a text to speech option.

Moreover, the real driver theory test will be in the same format as the mock exams on the app or CD.

Therefore, you should be well prepared for the exam if you are passing the mock exams.

What about timing for the lorry exam?

If you have an official diagnosis of dyslexia you may be able to get extra time.

If like most people you don’t, you won’t get extra time. However, as most of the questions are repeated from the mock exams you should be quick and have ample time to spare.

Practice prior to the exam is key!

Lorry Driving With Dyslexia

Lorry Driving With Dyslexia: Conclusion

In conclusion, you are able to become a lorry driver even if you do not know how to read right.

There are plenty of ways that you can learn the content for the lorry driver theory exams.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ultimately, It all starts with your HGV medical.

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