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Apply for your medical for firearm and shotgun license applications today from just £55, available without an in-person appointment.

Book your firearms medical today, no face to face appointment necessary

Whether you are applying for a new license or renewing an existing one, you will need a medical certificate to accompany your application. We provide fast and easy medical checks for firearm and shotgun license applications, no face-to-face appointment necessary. A fully qualified doctor on our team will review your medical records and provide a certificate within 3 days of us receiving your records. It’s fast, easy and convenient.

We offer medicals for firearm and shotgun licenses at all our locations.

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Please provide the following for your medical certificate:

  • You will need to fill in a signed consent form so we can request your medical records from your GP (It can take up to 30 days for your GP to reply)

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****Consent to report being sent to police by non NHS email****
Please give us permission to email your report to the police via a non-NHS email if your local police department permits the report to be forwarded directly to them. According to police instructions, they cannot be held liable for any loss or unauthorised access to emails that were sent to them from non-NHS email addresses. If you refuse, we shall only deliver the report by recorded mail. We will email you or, if you'd prefer, post the medical report to you if the force area requests that it be given back to you. If not ticked below your signature below will consent to us sending your report via a non-NHS email.

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Where can I get my firearms medical certificate medical?

At Simply Medicals, we offer firearms medical certificates across the UK, no in-person appointment needed. Simply fill in our medical certificate application form.

Need a medical certificate for your firearms license application? Choose Simply Medicals. Contact us today to enquire.