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The D4 Medical form

The D4 Medical form

The D4 Medical form is filled by a doctor and provides your medical information to the DVLA.

It can be used for new applications for provisional licences. Furthermore, these include C1 provisionals, HGV drivers and Bus/coach driver applications. Moreover, renewals use the same D4 Medical form.

You can download the D4 Medical form here:

What Do I need to send to the DVLA?

The D4 form is normally sent with the D2 form. This is a general form which can be used for both renewing and applying for a new licence.

The DVLA may also send you a D47P form. This is a renewal form pre-filled with your details. The D4 form would normally accompany this too.

Who Needs a D4 medical form filling?

Anyone who is applying for a lorry or bus licence in the UK. A D4 form is required to renew your licence at the age 45. Thereafter, every 5 years until you reach 65. However, it is required annually after you reach. Nonetheless, please check the guidance on the renewal form to see if you need a D4 Medical form filling.

D4 Medical form : Who can fill it?

The D4 medical form needs to be filled by a doctor who has Full GMC registration in the UK. It can be filled by your own GP, however this may prove to be expensive and given the current climate may take months.

Most people see a private service like Simply Medicals. We can provide quick turnarounds on appointments to suit your needs i.e. weekends and weekdays.

The benefits of going private for a D4 Medical

Save you money

Private providers are on average 30% of the price of your normal GP – Simply Medicals charge £49.99! Book your D4 Medical.

Eye Test Included

Your regular GP usually will ask you to go to the optician for this. However, at Simply Medicals we will carry out the eye test for you. Moreover, FOR FREE!

Appointment times to suit you

Hate asking for time off work? Yep… Me too! Hence, why Simply Medicals offers weekend and evening appointments for all of our clients.

Don’t have a printer?

Simply Medicals provides all D4 and D2 forms. Hence you do not need to worry. Furthermore it is absolutely free.

5 Star Service

Benefit from our 5 star pre-sales and after sales service. We are always willing to help you. Even if you message us at 10pm.

We have completed 1,000’s of D4 Forms

Our doctors are well versed with these forms. Therefore, we can fill them quickly and properly to avoid delays in your application.


The D4 medical form is vital for your application for a HGV, PCV or bus licence.

If you have any question please do give us a shout.

Ultimately, It all starts with your D4 Medical.

Your feedback is most welcome!

Feel free to email us on so we can help you.

I hope you will enjoy our videos and articles.

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Therefore, If you need to book a D4 medical please click here.



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