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All you need to know about the HGV medical

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The HGV Medical is the first step to becoming a lorry driver. HGV stands for Heavy goods vehicle.

The HGV medical can be daunting hopefully this article will shed some light into what the what a HGV medical actually entails.

Firstly you are greeted by our doctor or nurse... with a SMILE! Don't worry we don't bite!

You fill out one of our medical declaration forms. This is a brief form which is a self declaration of any medical issues that you have and any regular medication that you take. If you have any questions about this form just let one of our staff know, they will help you.

You will then be seen by one of our nurses or doctors.

What the nurse does during your HGV medical

The nurse will usually check your personal ID and then do some basic observations.

This includes:

  • Your height

  • Weight

  • Blood Pressure

  • Eye test

The eye test can be done with glasses or contact lenses if needed.

If you have your glasses prescription, please bring this with you to your medical. If you do not have it don't worry, we have a machine at our branches to check this if needed.

You will then be seen by the doctor who will do a number of things.

What the doctor does during your HGV medical

Check your medical history

The doctor will complete a thorough and in depth history regarding your current fitness to drive during your HGV medical. This will including asking about any medical issues affecting:

  • Your eyes

  • Neurological issues - e.g. strokes, dizziness / vertigo, head injuries and blackouts etc.

  • Diabetes

  • Heart problems - e.g. Angina, heart attacks, irregular heart beats etc.

  • Any problems with Mental health, drugs or alcohol abuse

  • Sleep disorders which could make you sleepy throughout the day e.g. obstructive sleep apnoea / narcolepsy

  • If you have any other underlying problems e.g. liver, kidney or lung conditions / cancers etc.

  • Details of any specialist doctors you may be under

Carry out an examination

The medical examination can be brief if you have no medical issues. As a bare minimum the doctor will listen to your heart to check for any murmurs and if you have a regular heart beat.

If you have any underlying conditions further examinations may be needed e.g. a neurological examination if you had a stroke or specific examinations required for diabetics. See our diabetes blog for more information on this.

Fill out your D4 medical form

And of course, the doctor will fill out the D4 medical form.

What you need to do for your HGV medical

Attend your medical with plenty of time to allow you to be relaxed.... Trust me it makes a difference... Especially to your blood pressure!

Please come prepared for your HGV medical... Please bring:

  • Photo ID

  • The glasses or contact lenses you use when driving

  • Your current eyesight prescription

  • Details about any medication you are taking or the medication themselves

  • Information on any ongoing medical conditions you may have

Take it easy we are easy going people who will try our best to make you feel relaxed.

Remember most people pass the medical with no concerns. If you don't pass your HGV medical we will literally show you how to pass it and give you a free re-test once you get it sorted.

If you have any issues or questions just ask... We are more than happy to help out...

Feel free to email us on so we can help you.

I hope you will enjoy our videos and articles.

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If you need to book a HGV medical please click here.

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