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HGV Practical test - How to find a centre for your off road exercises

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HGV practical test

The DVSA has split the HGV practical exam in two. You have to do the off road exercises part3a before you can apply to do part 3b (the on road practical test). It has been hard to find a centre that can do it. Here is how you can find it.

Previous HGV practical exam

Previously, once you had booked your theory and passed you were able to apply for the CPC part 3 (the practical test) which is examined by the DVSA.

The DVSA examiner would test both the off road exercises and the on road test at the same time.

However, things have changed now. Partly, to try and reduce the burden of DVSA examiners needed.

The HGV practical test now

The HGV practical test has two parts:

  1. Part 3a which has the off road exercises

  2. Part 3b which is the on road exercise

The part 3a (off road exercises)

These include the following manoeuvres:

  1. An ‘S’ shaped reverse into a bay

  2. Showing the uncoupling and recoupling procedure if you’re taking a test with a trailer

You MUST book and pass part 3a before you do part 3b, for the HGV practical test.

How much does part 3a (off road exercises) cost?

The total cost for this part of the exam is £40.

Who can do my off road exercises

To release the burden on the DVSA, HGV training centres can now do this test for you. However, they must be approved.

Click here to find your local approved training centre who can carry out this part of the HGV practical test for you.

Alternatively, you can book via the DVSA on this website.

Test result

Lastly, Once you have passed the exam you should get a certificate on the day. You then have 6 months to pass Driver CPC part 3b (the on road driving test).


In conclusion, part of the HGV practical test can be done by approved centres which you can find here. You must do the off road exercises before you can apply to do Driver CPC part 3b. Once you have passed both you have passed the HGV practical test.

Good luck with your training!

Ultimately, It all starts with your HGV medical.

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